My first release in Oct 2016, came in the shape of a novella entitled: The Wooden Heart. It was released in the horror, dark humour genres and has sold consistently since release, recording healthy sales in Japan and US, along with Europe for a self-published title and has received numerous five star reviews.

I was granted, and am forever grateful for, use of lyrics by Icelandic singer Bjork and her former band The Sugarcubes from their song: Traitor. I was also given free use of lyrics by British singer Pete Voss and his band Campag Velocet from their song: Ain't No Funki Tamborine. The Wooden Heart is available priced 99p through Amazon with links featured on my Shop page.


Dale's daily routine of drink and apathy has alienated him from not only his family but the world as a whole. Until one day when he is faced with the reality of his ways and is hit by the true price of what he stands to lose.