Released in November 2017, my second self-published title: books, bits & bobs is a collection of short stories, covering a range of genres and styles.

The project was the culmination of seven years of writings and ideas, which has sparked the writing of a short horror script, mentioned on my home page and also a stage play, which began its life as a short story idea.

books, bits & bobs is available priced 99p through Amazon with links featured on my Shop page.

Synopsis: Ranging from dark thriller ‘linear’ shorts, one paragraph thought provoking pieces to an apocalyptic novella of unseen proportions, Daniel Abrahams has drawn together a collection of his fiction writings stretching back to 2011, for his first collection of short stories and second fiction release: books, bits & bobs.
It swings from dreamlike states of romance and comedy, to tragedy, betrayal and beauty; traversing the everyday to the everlasting. Featuring characters who are reviled, revered, rampant and rabid, living on the edge of discovery or the brink of destruction. There is plenty to get your teeth into and your mind wondering.